Valheim Save Game location for PC (Windows and Linux)

Valheim Save Game location

Valheim has taken PC gaming by a storm and is the new big thing in the survival genre. Players can explore a vast land, hunt, craft, and face threats solo, or in co-op. The game uses a Norse setting, and players familiar with the mythology will see familiar faces and monsters. The developers have laid out the roadmap for 2021, and it’s nice to see a steady stream of updates coming out since the game has been available. The title is currently only available on PC, through Steam, and here is the Valheim Save Game location.

The game has launched as an early access title and will be in that state for at least a year. Valheim already sold 1 million copies, and that number doesn’t seem to be stopping. The game peaked at 336k concurrent players on Steam, which is an incredible number, especially for an early access game.

Valheim Save Game location

Players that need to access their save files to back them up, or delete them, can do so by going to the locations mentioned below. The game does feature Steam cloud as well, so your save data will be backed up on cloud as well. Keep in mind, that to ensure the game is being updated properly, and you are on the latest build, that you play it in online mode.

The following location is for Windows users.


The following location is for linux users.

linux ~/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim/worlds/


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There are plenty of survival games on Steam, but the launch of Valheim has been something really interesting to witness. The numbers are in its favor, and steam user reviews are overwhelmingly positive as well. If the developers can keep communicating with players about the few issues in the game, then we’re confident that the game will become even bigger throughout the early access period.

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