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Windows 10

Upgrade your Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile

After the release of Windows 10 over 15 million people upgraded their PC and Laptops to Windows 10 within 24 hours. This was the biggest ever achievement Microsoft ever came across in terms of...

Upload non-square photos to Instagram using 6tag from Windows Phone

Well windows phone now have one of the best app that will upload a non-square photo for you now. Sometimes selfies, a piece of art picture and the best group photos don’t have to...

Microsoft launched Hyperlapse app for Windows, Windows Phone and Android

You must have heard about Instagram Hyperlapse feature available for iOS devices. Hyperlapse lets you create a time-lapse for a long time. Microsoft Hyperlapse is one such app which lets you create time-lapse videos and it...
Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 2015 Update Details: Android, iOS Apps and Continuum

Today Microsoft once again tried to change the way users are used to interact with their Phones and Computers. Microsoft Windows 10 is big step towards personal computing. From your Smartphone to PC and...
Tile Game Icon

Tile Game for Windows Phone

So here we are with a new Windows Phone game know as Tile Game. This has been TheNerdMag’s sixth application in market. It’s a puzzle and a pattern judging game. What’s in it is...
Windows Phone 10

How to Install Windows 10 Preview on your Lumia Windows Phone

Before we get started I just want to let you know that check whether your device is compatible or not. Click here to see further details. So I assume your Lumia is on the...

Windows 10 Preview for Phones available to download now

Microsoft has finally released the Windows 10 Preview for Phones today. The wait is over and now Lumia users can experience the next major version of Windows for phones for real. But the update...
windows azure

How to make your own API using Windows Azure

Hell guys I'm here to demonstrate you about how to make your own API using Windows Azure in just 20 mins. Keep following the steps and you will end in by making your own...
Website Detailer

Webstats now a search away download Website Detailer now

Hello again after a successful 2014 TheNerdMag.Inc offers its Windows Phones user one more brand new application. And especially for the bloggers and Windows Phone user. The application is known as Website Detailer. Looking...

Get Momento+ Pro for Windows Phone free for limited time

CloudMesh Pro is free right now on Windows Phone and here is another free app for available for Windows Phone users to download. Momento+ is a  premium photo editing app available for Windows Phone....


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