How to enable Valheim exclusive fullscreen on PC (Steam)

enable Valheim exclusive fullscreen

Valheim is one of the biggest releases of 2021 and continues to grow by the day. It is a survival, exploration, and co-op game with a Norse Setting and is available on PC. The game had a peak player count of 364K players, and only more people are joining in. It also has overwhelmingly positive reviews from users despite being an early access title, which is quite an achievement. If you want to enable the Valheim exclusive fullscreen mode on PC, here is how you can easily do that.

The game has released in a state of early access, which means that more content will be added overtime. Bugs, and technical problems will be removed as well, and player feedback is very important to improve the game. Even though this is an early access title, most user reviews claim that the amount of polish in the game makes it feel like a fully released title.

Enable Valheim Exclusive Fullscreen

Exclusive fullscreen ensures that you are in the correct fullscreen mode, and your hardware can be utilized to the fullest. In most cases, enabling this mode will most likely give you a performance increase, and it is a mode a lot of people prefer as well. Now, to enable that in Valheim, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open Steam, and head to your library
  • Now, here, locate Valheim, and right-click on it
  • Select Properties, and select the GENERAL tab
enable Valheim exclusive fullscreen
  • Here, under LAUNCH OPTIONS, enter the following line
-window-mode exclusive
enable Valheim exclusive fullscreen
Launch Options for Valheim

After following the steps above, you can now run Valheim in exclusive fullscreen mode. To disable this, simply follow the same steps, and remove the line from the launch options.


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Valheim has already sold more than a million copies in a week, and it is a major success. The developers have already laid out the roadmap for the year, and we are hoping to see the grow even more. Hopefully if they can keep the momentum going, Valheim has the potential to become one of the biggest survival games on the market. The early access state seems polished enough that players can jump in right now if they are interested.

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