How to fix the Valheim stuck at loading screen issue on PC

Valheim stuck at loading

Valheim is a survival and exploration game from Iron Gate AB and Coffee Stain Publishing. The game features a Viking setting and has multiplayer elements as well. Players will explore a procedurally-generated purgatory where they will fight, craft, and explore as they wish to survive. The title is currently only available on PC, and through the Steam client. If you are running into the Valheim stuck at loading screen issue, here is how you can fix that.

The title is currently available in the early access state. It will continue to be that for at least a year. The developers have mentioned that they will continue to listen to player feedback and improve the quality of the game as the development goes on. More content will be added throughout the period, and currently, roughly 50% of the planned content is available in early access. There is also a good chance that the price will increase after the early access period is over.

Valheim stuck at loading screen issue

Some users on Steam and discord have reported that they are stuck on the initial loading screen. They can’t progress any further, and because of that, they can’t even start the game. The fix is rather simple, and the issue itself isn’t that widespread for now. This is the screen users are stuck at.

Valheim stuck at loading screen

Technical problems like this are expected during the early access stage, and players should report these to the developers through the provided channels. For now, you can fix it by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Windows Settings, and then click on Time and Language
  • Now, click on Region
  • Here, under Regional format, you want to change the value of the Current Format to English (United States). As shown below
Regional format
  • Restart your PC, and launch the game again

For most users, this has fixed the problem, and the game loads as it normally should.

Valheim on Steam

You can now purchase the game on Steam from the following link. Keep in mind, this is an early access title, and issues like this might be common.

Valheim features a fairly brutal combat system, and players will engage with each other with a variety of weapons. The game also features dedicated servers, as well as the ability to play in co-op PvE. One of the more unique things about this game is the ability to summon of primordial bosses of myth and legend to really make the title stand out. So far, the reviews on Steam are very positive as well, with over 7000 players in-game at the time of writing.

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