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Android L

Google’s Android Logo changed

HTC Dream was the first ever Android device. In October, 2008, the first Android device became commercially available. From that day onwards, we have seen constant improvement and development in Android. Samsung, HTC, LG,...
QuickOffice for Android and iOS

QuickOffice and apps combined finally compete against Office

Today at the Google I/O developer conference, the company has finally found a way to make its mobile office solution much more sensible. The several pieces of the Office that were once announced now...

Android Wear details revealed at Google I/O

So the rumors have now finally become reality, the Gear Live , first Android Wear-powered smartwatch has finally been revealed by Samsung . The new version of Google’s operating system has been specially designed...

Android now has 1 Billion Active Users

Android is the most popular mobile operating system available right now. Apple's iOS is at the distant 2nd place. Today in Google I/O Sundar Pichai showed us some interesting stats about the Operating System. Shipment of...
Android TV - Google I/O

Android TV, now officially unveiled by Google

Google has taken thins up a notch at Google I/O developer conference. With the great success of the Google Chromecast, Google has officially revealed the Android TV. The TV is living atop of Android...
Material Design - Google I/O

Material Design; The new Google interface for Android and Chrome OS

Remember the Google I/O we were talking about? Yes it’s here and it’s in full form. Google has just revealed a new design language, namely the Material Design for Android, Chrome OS and the...

How to Watch Google IO 2014 Live Stream?

Google IO 2014 is all set to kick off. The event is scheduled in San Francisco Moscone Centre. The press event will start with an introductory keynote at 9 am Pacific Time (4 pm...
Google I/O Developer Conference 2014

Google I/O 2014: What to and not to expect

First off, we will be starting with the introduction of Google I/O and then the possibilities it can lead to. Introduction Google I/O is a developer press conference that is held every year. The conference is...

Samsung to surprise us with Android Smartwatch at Google I/O

The trend of having smartwatches is developing rapidly. More and more companies are now making Android Wear smartwatches to attract consumers. Samsung has now also entered the race. The company is all set to...

Android TV will arrive at Google I/O 2014

Amazon released its own Fire TV few months ago. Google also released Google TV before but it was a flop. But now Google is going to launch again its own TV but this time...


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