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Gigi Hadid Different Looks And Styles

Gigi Hadid Style and Best Looks So Far on Ramp

So let me tell you some things about this supermodel first. Don’t worry, it’s pretty interesting and I bet you never knew this before! Well, for starters, her real name is Jelena Noura Hadid....
Mahira Khan Vogue India Shoot

Mahira Khan shares her beauty secrets in Vogue India Shoot

Who doesn’t know Mahira Khan? She is the phenomenal actress who not only is the pride of the entertainment industry in Pakistan, but also took the film industry of India by a storm. Her...

5 Best Camera Selfie Apps for iPhone

No smartphone owner can deny taking a selfie at point or the other. Some people even risk their lives to take selfies on top of the tallest skyscrapers; some take selfies even at funerals....
Dark Circles

Dark Circles? They shouldn’t be a Problem Now

Getting rid of dark circles Skin problems are every girl’s concern these days; not only girls, but boys too. From dryness, wrinkles and acne to dark spots, tanning and so much more. Similarly, dark circles...
Rose Quartz Nail Art Girl

DIY: Rose Quartz Nail Art Easy Steps Tutorial

The concept of a nail manicure or as we call it now a days, nail art, is a simple one; it enhances the beauty of one’s hands. It extends back to the ancient Egypt,...


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