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Baanware Coke Studio Season 10video

Download: Baanware by Aima and Shuja Coke Studio 10 [Mp3 + Video]

The episode 6 of Coke Studio 10 was good. The first song ‘Dam Mast Qalandar’ was by Uzair Jawal and Jabar Abbas. It was originally sung by Legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Both the...
Tera naamvideo

Download: Tera Naam by Sajjad Ali Coke Studio [Mp3 + Video]

Coke Studio 10 is trying to satisfy its fans with latest artists and music. The episode 6 of Coke Studio season 10 was started with a tribute to legendary Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan....

Download: Listen Kaatay Na Katay Coke Studio [Mp3 + Video]

Episode 5 of Coke Studio 10 was good. Better than the previous one. As Coke Studio is trying their best to fulfill the expectations of its viewers. The songs of the beginning episodes was...
Ghoom Taana Coke Studio Season 10 (1)video

Download: Listen Ghoom Taana Coke Studio [MP3 + Video]

The episode 5 of Coke Studio 10 was aired on last Friday which was good overall. The performances of the artists were admirable. Sanwal did well along with his father Attaullah Esakhelvi. Their song...

Download: Listen Dam Mast Qalandar Coke Studio 10 [MP3 + Video]

Coke Studio a renowned platform for young singers to make there mark in the country's music industry. Not just people living in Pakistan but also abroad have been loving the songs of Coke studio...

Download: Listen Yo Soch Coke Studio 10 [MP3 + Video]

Coke Studio known as the sound of nation. For past 9 seasons coke studio has been producing great songs. Many young and rising stars have come and blossomed and have made a name for...
Sab Maya Haivideo

Download: Listen Sab Maya Hai Coke Studio 10 [MP3 + Video]

People were really excited about the release of Season 10 of Coke Studio. Coke Studio is a musical platform of country where young and emerging singers some together along stars to perform. For past...
Rangrez Rahat Fateh Ali Khanvideo

Download: Listen Rangrez Rahat Fateh Ali Khan [MP3 + Video]

Everyone is asking the same question that what has happened to Coke Studio this season. A platform where young singers collaborate with stars to perform many hit songs. Coke Studio for the past nine...
Ujaalon Meinvideo

Download: Listen Ujaalon Mein [MP3 + Video]

People were claiming the season 10 of Coke studio to be a great hit as the past 9 seasons have been. Many great songs were expected from a star studded line up featuring shafqat...
Bol by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

Download: Listen Bol by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan [MP3 + Video]

Coke Studio is a household name for producing hit songs year by year. For the past 9 seasons Coke Studio has established a name for itself in Pakistani music industry. It is not only...


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