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Forza Motorsport 7 Game Details and System Requirements

Forza Motorsport 7 is an upcoming racing game set to be release on October 3, 2017 around the globe. It is a racing game and will be released on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. The game...

Download SoundCloud App for Windows 10 and Xbox

How many times do we find the perfect song or the perfect cover on SoundCloud and want to have that song at our disposal whenever we want? If your answer to that question was...

How to Bypass Windows 10 Password with Live CD / USB

How many times do we find ourselves in the panic induced by forgetting our computer password? And then we find ourselves using the trial and error method to see if it was our birthday,...
Microsoft Spartan

Download Spartan Browser on Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has released a preview of it's new upcoming browser, Microsoft Spartan Web Browser for Windows 10 preview. You can download Spartan Browser in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049. Spartan is the new...

Bill Gates is working on a Personal Assistant at Microsoft, which will “remember everything”

Personal Assistants are becoming popular now a days. Google has Google Now for Android, Apple has SIRI for iOS and Microsoft has Cortana for Windows Phone and now for Windows 10 as well. Now...
Bootable usb

How to make Bootable Windows USB through simple commands

A bootable USB for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 can be made by following these simple steps. There is now need to download any additional software or bootable USB tools. Just...

Microsoft Office 2016 Preview Details and Availability

Microsoft launched the Windows 10 Technical Preview few weeks back. Microsoft is currently working on the Technical Preview and Microsoft is also working on the latest version of Microsoft Office which is to be...

Microsoft Office 2016 Preview can debut in few weeks, will feature touch-first Modern UI

Here is some news related to Microsoft Office software suite. The next installment of Microsoft Office termed as ‘Office 16’ is already in works and is being tested by Microsoft employees and partners. As...

Windows 10 makes it easy to SHARE files online

Two weeks back, Microsoft released Technology Preview of Windows 10, its upcoming platform. As we all know, Windows 10 will be a unified OS for all devices comprising laptops, tablets, computers and mobiles. Windows...

Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9? Here is what Windows Marketing Officer Tony Prophet says

At Sept 30 event, Microsoft surprised all of us. The tech giant unveiled Windows 10 instead of much anticipated Windows 9. It is for the first time that the company has skipped a version...

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