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iPhone 8; Rumored Design and Specs

All of us know that the iPhone 8 won't be released until a couple a months now, but that hasn't really been able to stop the rapidly increasing rumors and speculations about the phone's...
Apple HomePod Speakers

Meet the Apple’s New HomePod Speakers

As we all know, Apple is known for making innovative products which end up becoming highly popular among customers, regardless of their prices. At this year’s Apple announced the launch of a new...

iOS Update: Apple released iOS 11 with bunch of new features

If you’re someone who owns an iPhone, then it is likely that you're waiting for an iOS software update eagerly because the new features make your phone feel like a new one! At this...
Apple iMac-f

Apple’s new iMacs are more powerful, have better screens, USB-C and much more

Apple's iMac line was last updated in October 2015 and for this year's WWDC, it a new line-up was one of the most-teased announcements. The new iMac line-up is finally here and it is...
Apple WatchOS 4

What’s new in WatchOS 4 for Apple Watch

As expected from Apple, they have successfully stunned the world with their new updates and features that are indeed a great fun for the users. As expected they have indeed done a remarkable job...

Apple Watch 3 Release Date, News and Rumors

The new Apple Watch 3 is now just around the corner to be introduced to its fans and followers. New Apple Watch 3 is most likely to be released in September 2017. The new updates are more...

Android Co-founder Launches A New SmartPhone With Snapdragon 835

Most of the phones that do not operate on Apple’s iOS, work on Android. There is also the ongoing debate of Android Vs iPhone that we’ve all taken part in, at one point or...

How To Get Google Assistant On Your Mac

Are you one of those people who have a Mac, but still want the Google Assistant? I can’t blame you; even Hannah Montana wanted the best of both worlds. Thanks to a new open-source...
Apple iOS 10.3 iPhone 7

Download Apple iOS 10.3 IPSW for iPhone and iPad [Direct Links]

Today Apple has released probably the last iteration of iOS 10 before moving on towards iOS 11. iOS 10.3 is now rolling out to millions of apple devices worldwide. Though this new update does...
Apple iPad

Apple Announces New 9.7-inch iPad, An Upgrade to iPad Air 2

Apple announced a new iPad, simply named the iPad. The new iPad comes with 9.7-inch display and is the replacement to the old iPad Air 2. The new iPad is exactly the same as the...


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