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Tomb Raider 2018 Movie Trailer Reminds Us of Square Enix’s 2013 Game

Lara Croft is one of my favorite video game Tomb Raider icon ever. She is strong, she's brave and super sexy. The movie, based on a video game was released in 2011, at the...
Spider-Man Homecoming

Sony is planning distinctive spin-offs to Spider-man Homecoming!

Spider-Man Homecoming success has made Sony to revisit it's plans for Cinematic Universe based on Marvel Characters. Previously, the spin-offs to Spider-man movies were put on hold after the fatal flop of Amazing Spider-man...
Atif Aslam Musafir Song

Download: Atif Aslam’s “Musafir” OST form “Sweetie weds NRI” [MP3]

Atif Aslam songs are becoming famous not only in Pakistan but also in India. He sang many songs for Bollywood movies and making his fans from all over the world due to his mesmerizing...

How Did The 2014 Remake Of The Gambler Fare With Critics?

Mark Wahlberg stars as Jim Bennett, a downtrodden prodigy who gave up on his career as an author and now teaches English at a Los Angeles college. As the film unravels we learn that...
Cinestar IMAX Cinema

Cinestar Pakistan’s Best IMAX Experience Cinema

Watching movies in cinema was always a big trend in Pakistan. However, with the emerging rates of movie technologies most of Pakistani cinema still lacks the better equipment. Cinestar is the first Pakistan Cinema...

Book Movie Cinema Tickets online via AnyTicket

Online shopping is trending now globally, anywhere you see you will have some online big shopping sites doing home delivery as well as small shops too. People like to save their precious times and...

The Jungle Book is Coming Back

2016 is looking like a truly enormous year in film. There are superhero adventures, major sequels, big new literary adaptations, and numerous projects from major directors. And one result of all this is that...

20 movies you should watch before dying

All of us have those movies which we enjoyed so immensely we wished we hadn’t seen them before so you could relive the adrenaline rush, the tears, and the overwhelming happiness of “and they...
Terminator Genesys Movie

Here are 4 Ways to Kill a Terminator

The 5th instalment of the Terminator franchise is here. So now is a good time to go over a couple of the ways you can kill those unstoppable machines from the future. In the event...

Download WonderFox DVD Video Converter Senior Version for Free

Are you tired of downloading video converter, download and player separately? You bought a video converter and it is slow? In that case we have got you covered. Thanks to folks at WonderFox TheNerdMag...


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