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Redesigned Google Search App with Personalized Feed

Several times during a day we find ourselves looking at our phones, after having checked all the social media apps, wondering which app to refresh and check again (Yes, I'm assuming we're all velas)....
Google Drive-Logo

Google will soon let you backup your whole computer

Google Drive is all set to be the answer to all your digital storage needs. Google aims to expand their storage services from being limited to files you create and upload to their Cloud...

Download Official LineageOS 14.1 for Google Nexus 9

LineageOS 14.1 has not only been wonderful for Google Nexus 9 but it also has made it easy for your tablets to run smoothly and made it easier for the users to operate the...
Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch

Android Wear 2.0 Update is finally Rolling Out on SmartWatches

After a long wait, Android Wear 2.0 has finally started to roll out. The update is available across the globe but only available for 3 smartwatches right now. The watches in the supported list...

Download Daydream 1.0.161019143 APK [Direct Link]

Google is just about to launch Daydream high quality VR headsets available for pixel and other android phones. In order to do, Google released the Daydream android app on the Google Play Store for...

Download YouTube VR 1.00.00 APK/iPA [Andoird|iOS]

Google has released VR based version of the biggest video site, YouTube ahead of the Google Daydream. Google is about to launch the more affordable and fabric based high quality VR headset for the...
Google Pixel

Guide: Root Google Pixel and Pixel XL without losing OTA and Data

Well no doubt this year Google has won the smartphones war in terms of innovation and design. Apple iPhone 7 definitely brought some new features but a loss of home button and 3.5 mm...

Download and Install Android 7.1 on Nexus 5 (CM14.1/Stock)

As Google, has revealed the new iteration of Android OS for phones, tablets and smart devices, there comes a lot of new and improved features. Which can improve user experience and device performance drastically....

Download and Install Google Pixel Launcher, Formally Nexus Launcher

We know that Google is ditching its Nexus branding and giving it a new name. Rumors say that the new name will be Google Pixel. Google also announced an October 4 event in which...

Download Google Trips 0.0.26 APK for Android Phone or Tablet

Google Trips, download Google's upcoming application for travel purposes which aimed to provide help managing your travel information such as hotel reservations, flight bookings, local transport information, guides and images of your trip. Google...


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