Rumor: PlayStation 5 Hardware Specifications for Devkit Leaked

PlayStation 5 Hardware Specifications
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Details about the PS5 have been revealed by Sony, and as it is with upcoming consoles, there are plenty of rumors and leaks. While there have been multiple rumors regarding the technical specifications of the PS5, but they haven’t been very specific about the hardware used. Now the PlayStation 5 Hardware Specifications for Devkits have been supposedly leaked.

PlayStation 5 Hardware Specifications for Devkit

The leak supposedly comes from the Office of Quality Assurance and claims that the PS5 Devkit will have the following specifications

  • Monolithic die ~22.4mm by ~14.1mm
  • 16 Samsung K4ZAF325BM-HC18 in clamshell configuration
  • Memory vrm seems like overkill with multiple Fairchild/ON Semiconductor FDMF3170 power stages controlled by an MP2888 from MPS
  • 3 Samsung K4AAG085WB-MCRC, 2 of those close to the NAND acting as DRAM cache (unusual 2GB DRAM per 1 TB NAND)
  • 4 NAND packages soldered to the PCB which are TH58LJT2T24BAEG from Toshiba
  • PS5016-E16 from Phison

The K4AAG085WB-MCRC is a high powered 16 GB RAM and indicates the console will have 16 GB of dedicated memory, while the remaining 2 modules of a combined 32 GB memory will be used as DRAM cache.


The PS5016-E16 is a SSD controller that has the following specifications


  • PCIe Gen 4×4 NVMe
  • 8 Channels with 32 CEs
  • NAND Interface of 800MT/s Support
  • DDR4 Interface of 1600Mb/s Support
  • 3D TLC & QLC NAND Flash Support
  • Designed with Phison’s 4th Gen LDPC Engine

This information is very specific, which is why it is warranted some attention, and it’s interesting to see how well this holds when Sony reveals the information themselves. For now, take this with a grain of salt, as the information has been floating around the internet without any actual proof.

PS5 and what we know so far

The details regarding the PS5 have been revealed and here’s a good compilation of everything we know so far

  • 8 Core AMD 7nm Zen 2 based on Third-Generation Ryzen
  • Ray-Tracing support with custom AMD Navi GPU
  • Custom AMD unit for 3D Audio, also aided by Ray-Tracing
  • Extremely fast high-end custom SSD storage faster than any solution currently available for PC
  • New Virtual Reality platform strongly hinted at but also supports current PSVR
  • Physical Media
  • Backwards Compatible with at least PS4
  • Development period has been 4 years so far
  • 2020

What do you make of these leaked specifications for the devkit? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.