iOS 8 Jailbreak? Let’s have some discussion


Apple has released iOS 8 Golden Master build to the developers. The public version will be available at September 17. Apple fans are waiting anxiously to get there hands on the latest OS. The fans have also started discussing about iOS 8 jailbreak and its possibility. Many users are asking questions i.e. is it possible to jailbreak iOS 8? If yes, how much time it will take? When will the iOS 8 Jailbreak come? Here, we bring you detailed discussion regarding the topic.

Well, iOS 8 Jailbreak is very much possible. The jailbreaker i0n1c tweeted about three month back regarding iOS 8 Jailbreak possibility. The hacker noticed exploits that were also there in iOS 7.1. Most of the jailbreakers decided not to deal with iOS 7.1 Jailbreak and to keep their attention to iOS 8 Jailbreak. But later on, a Chinese hacker team Pangu came up with iOS 7.1 Jailbreak. The same hacker i0n1c also indicated iOS 8 beta jailbreak, which was much an attention seeking tactic.

The other popular jailbreakers i.e. pod2g and iH8sn0w have not yet said any word regarding its possibility. However, they are quite determined that it is POSSIBLE. They are waiting for Apple to release the public build. Prior to that, anything will be USELESS as Apple will patch it in next update. The hackers community is of the view that iOS 8 still have got some exploits which will lead to jailbreaking!

Hopefully, we will get iOS 8 Jailbreak next month or in November. Let’s keep ourselves optimistic and wait for the ‘jailbroken’ iOS 8.