Funimation Titles have been removed from Crunchyroll!

Funimation titles have been removed from Crunchyroll

For all of the anime fans all around the world who watches anime in either English dub or sub may have already know about the devastating split which happened a few days ago between Funimation and Crunchyroll. The partnership would fully end on November 9th and now Funimation titles have been removed from Crunchyroll as we speak.

Funimation and Crunchyroll Partnership

What did the partnership have any effect on a normal person? People who watched anime on Crunchyroll would not be able to watch Funimation licensed titles on Crunchyroll as the result of the end of this partnership. Crunchyroll also stated that during this partnership they aired titles like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan but didn’t state for how long or the future seasons would still air. Now that the partnership is ended, Funimation titles have been removed from Crunchyroll last night.

On the contrary, the Funimation channel on VRV will shut down on November 9.

Here’s what Crunchyroll said about the partnership ending:

As of today at 5:00pm Pacific, all titles associated with Funimation’s departure from the partnership have been removed from Crunchyroll.

Who will air Funimation Titles and take its place?

On the positive note, a streaming channel is known for its dub streaming, HIDIVE, will air the titles from now. HIDIVE is a relatively new streaming service, but it’s streaming some solid titles like Release the Spyce and Made in Abyss. It is still a blow to anime fans who used to watch Funimation Titles on Crunchyroll.Funimation titles have been removed from Crunchyroll

It was nice to see Funimation titles with other shows to be available in a single place. Let’s wait and see how this goes and what kind of effect would it leave on the western anime community. Let us know in the comments down below about your views on the Crunchyroll and Funimation split.

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