I am going to tell you guys a story. Once upon a time, there was this girl, who was very happy because she had just purchased an iPhone and spent all night setting it up. Six months past, with the girl oblivious about the coating of her iPhone charger deteriorating. *Cue suspense music* But, one day, she wakes up to find her Apple Lightening cable completely coating-less at one end. This begins the dreadful countdown to when her cable would give in to the difficulties its faces every day and break under pressure. Then, one stormy night, the chilly wind blew and the sound of deep silence engulfed the girl as she stood with the broken cable in her hand, and her phone dead. Her life was never the same after that…

Okay, I know I exaggerated the situation, maybe a little bit! But, isn’t this close to what ALL iPhone users go through? (Yes, all. There are no exceptions.) I, myself, am a victim of this frustrating situation, as my lightening cable is currently hanging between life and death.

Apple is definitely a brand people turn to for the quality of their products, but I guess putting all effort into the quality of the iPhone has made them ignorant towards the durability issue of their lightening cables. These cables start showing signs of deteriorating coating within months and then make us go on a mission to look for a lightening cable that will last for a good while.

Some people may choose to buy an original Apple lightening cable with costs around $30. (These people might be drug dealers, because who else can spend this amount of money on cables every couple of months?!) But, no need to get stressed. This isn’t the only solution to this problem.

Echo IronWire Usb Lightening Cable

The Echo IronWire serves as the perfect solution to this issue. This lightening cable is not only Apple MFi certified, but it is also strong enough to tow a car. (If you feel particularly adventurous on a certain day, do try lifting weights using this wire!) This cable is available in several different sizes and is the most effective alternative to Apple’s easily breakable lightening cables, as it will save you the cost of trying out different brands of cables every other month.

Echo IronWire Lightning Usb Cable:

Echo IronWire Lightning Usb Review:

Thanks to our friends at, we were able to test this iron wire. In our tests, the charging speed was almost same as the original cable despite the increase in length of cable. It is indeed strong as well and super flexible which allows it to easily bent without breaking. You can even hang stuff using this iron wire. It supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with compatible lightning port.

Tell us what you think about this amazing, and unbreakable lightening cable! Get yours now from