Many of us have already upgraded to iOS 7 in hope of getting awesomeness of Apple’s new iOS. But by upgrading to iOS 7 we might have lost jailbreak and ability to downgrade back. Most users are satisfied from new iOS 7 but what about those who really wants to go back to old iOS look. Well first we also thought we are not lucky enough but there is good news for some users. Now you can finally downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.2 or iOS 6.1.3 if you have iPhone 4.


iPhone 4s and A5 Device users are not lucky enough to downgrade to iOS 6. Well leaving apart let’s discuss how to downgrade to iOS 6.1.3.

Check List before Proceeding:

Downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.3 / iOS 6.1.2:

  1.  Download latest Faith version from here or direct link.
  2.  Downgrade iTunes if you are running newer version or versions > 11.0.5. Download iTunes 11.0.5 or older version from here (32 bit64 bit ). After installing iTunes restart your pc.
  3. Grab the required iOS IPSW file iOS 6.1.3 (If downgrading to iOS 6.1.3) or iOS 6.1.2 (If downgrading to iOS 6.1.2) from here.
  4. Now grab required iOS SHSH Blobs using tiny umbrella (get it from here) or use iFaith “Show Available SHSH Caches”.
  5. Now open iFaith and click “Build “*signed* IPSW w / Blobs”. Locate your required SHSH blobs and select the appropriate stock iOS firmware downloaded before.
  6. Put your iPhone in pwned DFU using iFaith and follow on screen instructions. Now wait for iFaith to create custom iOS firmware.
  7. Now open iTunes and connect your iPhone. Now hold shift key and click on “Restore iPhone” and select custom created firmware.
  8. Restore process will start and iPhone will restart.

Now you can jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 or wait for iOS 6.1.3 as it will be rolled out soon as discussed before. Don’t forget to share your thoughts after downgrading.

  • tina

    does this work? some people it won’t anymore?
    im really desperate

    • Yes, Just follow the check list before proceeding. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

  • edward

    ifaith 1.5.9 doesn’t work with ios 6.1.2
    I cannot do a IPSW blob. I searched on internet and it seem the correct version to use is 1.5.5 someone have it? Tks

  • sonic

    trying it out right now. 🙂 hope it works..

    • sonic

      After fetching and saving the blob, next screen it is showing None in available blobs

      • This means you have no blobs saved previously.

        • Lannie Schafroth

          That’s what I was afraid of. Welcome Android. Bye Apple

  • ali

    error 37 is cuming…

    • john

      you have to find the right shsh for your model and if its 5.1.1 you have to create the custom ipsw file with 5.1.1 !!

  • capitaine_choc

    Doesn’t work for me: I haven’t saved shsh before the upgrade and can’t find the one for my iphone 4 3,2 GSM. Too bad!

  • Farman

    I tried the method above exactly as said, but when I try to restore in iTunes, I receive (Itunes Error 11). How can I fix it?

    Downgrading from 7.0.2 to 6.1.2 (custom with blob stitched)

    Thank you

    • Zagi

      Try with iTunes 10.7. It worked for me.

      • Farman

        I tried on a different machine with iTunes 11.0 and it worked. Thank you

  • john

    error 11 !! 🙁

  • gogolio

    it worked for me on ios 6.1.3,itunes 10.7,bllobs were at 6.1.3 thanks you man

  • maddy

    I’m on a Mac – IOS 7 has really, really screwed up my iphone 4… please help! x

    • Curtis

      why doesnt anyone answer the mac people? it is essentially a mac product and we have no way of pulling this off… i was able to get down to 7.0.2…. and i cant go any further. PLEASE help me with this…

  • Dawid Bednarczyk

    After pressing the “Show Available SHSH Caches” shows None. I have the iPhone 4. Help!!!

    • Sukh

      SAme issue here



  • adi

    hi i have iphone 4s .. if i follow these steps thn can i get ios 6.1.2???? if not thn can u suggest me any other way…

  • Shahzaib Khan

    i got saved blobs for ios 4.3 0n iphone 4 and it gives error 11 when i update to 4.3

  • Ladi

    I get error message when I click on Build signed IPSW “Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application wil ignore this error and attemp to continue.”

  • 4Eyes

    is it possible to download shsh blobs for 6.1.2(3) Iphone 4 some were?, because i have only saved my until 4.3.5. have the ipsw for 6.1.2(3)

  • S. Fenelus

    ifaith isn’t available for Mac.. what do i do??

  • yeah right you need to unlock it first

  • wacks

    where is the link to download “4. Now grab required iOS SHSH Blobs using tiny umbrella (get it from here) or use iFaith “Show Available SHSH Caches”. ” ” since I do not have saved SHSH blobs? Where can I download it or is it downloadable? Thanks in advance.

  • MaYAte

    Well first of all when i have fetched the latest shsh blobs from apple with iFaith and try to load them in the build part i get an error (same as Ladi): System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string.
    Parameter name: startIndex. problem number 2 is that i installed itunes 11.0.5 but Itunes says that it cant connect to my phone cause it need itunes v11.1 to connect to my phone. i tried itunes 10.3.1 and the same thing. if itunes cant connect to my phone i cant perform step 7. and what do i need the “Manual Backup of iOS 7 data” for? i cant se it mentioned in any step? i have ios 7.0.3 (11b511) on it now.

  • Mr. Yan

    is it possible to save shsh 7.0.3 using tinyumbrela 7.0.2 (link above) if its possible can u give me instruction step by step how to save and restore it later? thank you

  • MikBys

    This now doesn’t work as far as I can tell as Apple isn’t signing IOS 6.1.3 for iPhone 4 either. If you’re on IOS 7 and didn’t save SHSH blobs for your specific phone previously you’re stuck, plain and simple. The iPhone 4 should have been treated like the 3gs and forced to stay at IOS 6. IOS 7 is a pain to look at and use on an iPhone 4.
    It’s much better on the 4s.

  • azboot


    i had saved 6.0.1 and 5.1 shsh blobs (0000037B5516EDAC_5.1-9B176_cydia.shsh) but it would only accept the 5.1 version valid.

    i downloaded the 5.1 software directly ifaith and also separately from teh web but when i try to do step 5 ” Build signed ipsw w/blobs” it accepts teh shsh blobs but wont accepth the firmware i downloaded

    this is what message i get

    pls help

    • azboot

      is this because the shsh blobs are of an already jailbroken phone


    • nikhil bhanushali

      hey can you please give me 6.0.1 blobs please pls send me at

  • Neeraj

    Hi I have nt saved the shsh blobs bfor updating it to iOS 7 . Can me one help

  • manu

    how can i take the ios 7 backup??….is the backup of IOS7 will work after restoring to ios 6?

  • pulo

    i dont have an shsh blob for ios 6.1.3 can i download it somewhere?

  • Albaner Pisi

    i have iphone 4 gsm 8 gb with ios 7.0.4, but ifaith not find a shsh blobs for ios 6.1.3 the list is none.

  • Len

    Heya. On my main comp, I have an iPhone4 backup from 1/15/2012 on
    iTunes v. (I have 2 desktops, the other one was used to
    upgrade my device to iOS7.x.x.) If my logic is correct, this should be a
    backup from prior to iOS7 and I should be able to downgrade my iPhone
    to that backup/version providing I can find it on my system somewhere.
    Seeing as how my current version of iTunes won’t downgrade my iPhone to
    6.x.x, where can I find this back up from 1/15/2012 and save it outside
    the iTunes directory and reinstall iTunes 11.0.x (which will allow for
    “downgrading” of the iOS)

    I’m running Win7 64Bit version.

  • Andrei

    can i doo this on 4s?

  • Badr.Pirate

    Thanks for the post
    I faced a problem which a message said :
    “iFaith had difficulty communicating with iAcqua in attempt to validate the provided apticket!
    Ensure you have an active internet connection, verify no firewalls are blocking the connection and try again.
    If error persists, server may be busy/overloaded. “

  • AltairHorace

    my itunes 11.05 said “iphone software update server could not be contacted” and cant detect my ipone, plz help