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Animated Movie HD is an application on Windows Phone Store that is specially designed for children. Children here can watch Animated Movies in HD and other resolutions too. eTools the publishers confirms that besides HD they would be providing 360p and 480p resolutions movies. Especially for the users who are facing the problem of slow internet and for those people who are having a low end devices and they cannot support a high resolution videos. The application doesn’t contain any content that requires Parental Guidance.

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The best thing that is claimed by the publisher is that you can request for the movie on demand and it would be available on the app within 24 to 48 hours. But if you are requesting for the latest animated movie it would be taking days to provide because of the copyright issue by Disney. Moreover the movies that are publically available will be uploaded soon upon the request. User can see upcoming and add them to their watch list to get notification of availability of that particular movie.

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To download the application from Windows Phone Store Click here.

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For people who still don’t have a Windows Phone but are using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 they don’t have to worry because the app for Windows is just on its way and will be soon be published in upcoming days. Besides don’t worry we will let you know just be tuned with us.

Beside publisher upon request will soon be uploading this app for Android and iOS users. They will soon be entertained by this app. lastly the publisher will soon be launching an application that will totally be based on cartoons. Yes an app that will contain a series of cartoon series that you can be watched online. Just a matter of time and you will be loving it.

What are your expectations? Do you guys like this app? Give us your feedback. If you think there is lack of something you can write to us or you have authority to directly contact the publisher in order to improve the app. Moreover don’t forget to leave a feedback on Windows Phone Store as well.

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