We reported you that Microsoft is planning to restore the Start Menu in Windows 8.2 but it is a still a rumor. Microsoft still have to confirm it. Meanwhile Jay Machalani, a designer, gave a new concept about the design of Windows 8. According to him, he is not trying to make Windows 8.1 better but just giving an idea so that Windows might become more user friendly. The design, slightly, separates Desktop from Metro-styled Start Screen. It is said that a picture says a thousand words, So we are providing you with the pictures of Windows 8.2 design concept, have a look on them.

Windows 8.2

According to Jay “Microsoft has a lot of great ideas and they smashed them together to create Windows 8. They have some pretty amazing blocks, it’s just a matter of arranging them the right way.”

He said there should be separate user experience if you have touch screen and different experince is you have mouse and keyboard.

Windows 8.2

All apps should run in desktop mode as well when user switches to desktop mode and when he is in new Metro style UI then apps should run in Metro mode as they currently run on Windows 8. This will allow users to remain in single enviroment making Windows more easy to use.

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