Watch Dogs Free For UPlay For A Limited Time

Life usually imitates art – and this week’s free Ubisoft promotion is no exception. After the commercial success of WatchDogs 2 a year ago this month, Ubisoft decided to give Watch Dogs Free through UPlay For A limited time for members of their UPlay service.

But of course, just like the game’s character Aiden Pearce can cause technical failures and hacking, the UPlay website has been suffering technical difficulties due to the popularity of the giveaway.


Watch Dogs is a game that was poised to usher the new generation of consoles by being one of the few titles to show the power of the PS4 and the Xbox One, but the game met with severe criticism because of the difference in graphics from the E3 presentations and the final product, and while the game had some bold marketing too, even taking shots at the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5, which it failed to hold a candle against.

While its sequel, Watch Dogs 2 managed to fare better in terms of reception, ratings, and story, the game still lives in history as an example in many ways.

Albeit the game is really subjective with some people thoroughly enjoying the experience, it is a freebie, so why not? Albeit it is rare for games this recent to go free, why miss the opportunity of Ubisoft’s generosity, am I right?

With all this in mind, if you missed the chance to play this on the PC the first time, now is your chance to play this game!

If you can sneak your way into the site, the PC version of WatchDogs will be available to load onto your UPlay account from November 7th to 13th free of charge.

What are your thoughts on the game going free? Let us know in the comments section below!