The PlayStation 5’s White Plates Can Be Swapped, As Per Leaked Pictures

PlayStation 5's White Plates Can Be Swapped
Source: Sony

Since the announcement of the PlayStation 5 in Sony’s event, in June, enthusiasts have wanted one feature; an option for customization. And, it seems that this will be possible with the new PlayStation 5. As per some new leaked picture, the PlayStation 5’s white plates can be swapped and customized as per the user’s preference. This was a feature with the notorious Xbox 360 and it’s now on the PlayStation 5 as well.

Earlier today, some pictures were posted on a Chinese forum, A9VG, by a user named Q Qingtian. From the pictures, it seems that the PlayStation 5 will feature face-plates that were prominent with the current PlayStation 4. However, with the PlayStation 4, only certain face-plates could be swapped. But, with the PlayStation 5, users can swap the entire plates and customize the console to their desire. This also means that the all-black PlayStation 5 is now possible, even if Sony does not release it.


It seems that users can now customize their PlayStation 5 as per their preference. This also means that companies can now create limited edition PlayStation 5 consoles for their new games. This also opens up opportunities for modders, since the PlayStation 5’s white plates can be swapped for custom-made ones.

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s most anticipated console. With up-to-date features at an inexpensive cost, the PlayStation 5 is already an uncommon console. The option to swap the white plates will make the console stand-out from its competition, the Xbox Series X, which does not have this feature. We can’t wait to see how creators showcase their art with this new feature!

What do you think? What customizations do you have in mind for the PlayStation 5? Comment below and tell us your opinions!

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