Hands on with Swype keyboard for iOS 8 [Review]


Let’s have a look on another popular keyboard for iOS 8. Swype keyboard for iOS 8 will change your typing experience. And specially when on iPhone 6 large screen having advanced gesture based technology, your experience is really going to be fantastic. Swype keyboard for iOS 8 utilizes this technology to its fullest. Just swipe across the keyboard letters and write whatever you want to in a complete new manner.


Swype keyboard looks similar to the default iOS 8 keyboard. The keyboard shows three predictive words above the keyboard just as in default iOS 8 keyboard. You may not notice any difference unless you change the theme of Swype keyboard. Swype keyboard has got smooth swiping function. There is no breakup of words during your swipe. Hence, this makes each word correct.

If you write a new word with Swype keyboard, there is an option to add it to the dictionary. So that, whenever you type the word next time, the keyboard does not auto-correct the word. You can also swipe to write numbers. QWERTY position represents 123456 as well. All you need is to hold these letters and then swipe.

However, Swype keyboard for iOS 8 has got one major drawback too. It is a swiping keyboard but well, you can’t do it to create space or delete a word. You need to tap the controls to do these jobs. Weird! Maybe, these features will be added later on.

You can customize your Swype keyboard for iOS 8 with themes. All you need is to hold Swype icon to access the Settings and navigate to themes. Moreover, there are options to change keyboards and to switch to number pad.swype-keyboard-for-iOS-8

So indeed, a wonderful iOS 8 keyboard! Swype keyboard for iOS 8 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It costs $0.99 only. Definitely, for such a low price, it worth giving a try!

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