Out of 1000’s of applications, 50 got selected, here is the story

What does a developing country need not only to develop its infrastructure, but to become the best outsourcing market for the world? It needs graduates who excel in their abilities and skills to develop and design whatever they are working on and not only focus on the theory they are taught in educational institutes. Our universities are only able to tender 50% of the demand, which is a little less as compared to what is required.

Here comes Microsoft, which has gone through much to collaborate with HEC to accelerate students in their technical knowledge. But they are not only limited to students but also personals which have great technical skills. One of these programs include the Microsoft Internship Program which is being offered to graduates to equip them with the skills they need to flourish in their careers either as am employee or an employer. This only not helps them but also the country in generating larger revenues.

More about the Internship Program

Microsoft Internship

Out of all the applications received, a total number of 50 (approximately) graduates were selected. They are then trained in Microsoft Innovation Centers. The training is designed to improve their practical development skills in various Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET, Windows Phone App Development, Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Unity 3D, and Microsoft SharePoint.

But this is not the first internship, 6 batches encompassing more than 200 students have already been completed and all the students/personal who were once internees are now working as successful professionals in the industry.

Insides on the Internship Batch 7

The 7th batch of internship was announced on June 10 and then came in the 1000s of applications from fresh graduates and final year students which belonged to various universities across Pakistan. Out of these 1000 applications only 150 were shortlisted which met the criteria. How was the criteria tested? By taking a written test. This showed their quality of practical skills.

The final selection was made by weighing the technical background, written test, and an interview. Out of these only 50 were chosen. The onboarding week was set off in the last week of July whereas the internship itself will stretch to 6 months. The goal is to train every internee in forms of technical, interpersonal, and group projects. All of these internees will be furnished with every technology mentioned above.

If you don’t believe this, here is a gallery of all the fresh internees.