ITCN 2014 Windows Phone Hackton

ITCN 2014 is just about to start in couple of days and Microsoft will be organizing a 3 days long Windows Phone Hackathon starting from 26th Aug on the date of ITCN Asia. The Hackathon is open for startups, students and professional developers to come and hack for Windows Phone and win cool Windows Phone high end devices.

Windows Phone Hackathon

Registration link for you guys will soon be up in a matter of few days, so keep checking back.

Each category will be awarded 4 high end Windows Phones, 2 for the Winner and 2 for the Runners up. So let’s peak into different category.

Categories for Windows Phone Hackathon:

Build for better Pakistan

All those applications which have localized content are specific to Pakistan, solve a local problem or portray a better image of our country.


All games built on Windows Phone using Xaml, DirectX, Unity3d, Game Maker etc.

Kids and Education

Application that helps in learning, quiz apps, test apps, references apps, book apps, religious apps and etc.

Lifestyle and Food

Apps built for fashion, culture, cuisine, restaurants, food finders, food reviewers, etc.

News and Weather

Make nice and good looking news and weather apps that people love to share with others.

And now is the time to tell what each category will be awarded with, so here you go:

Prize Distribution per Category

Build for better Pakistan
– Winner = 1320 x 2*
– Runner Up = 630 x 2*

– Winner = 1520 x 2*
– Runner Up = 630 x 2*

Kids & Education
– Winner = 1020 X 2*
– Runner Up = 630 x 2*

Lifestyle & Food
– Winner = 920 x 2*
– Runner Up =  630 x 2*

News & Weather
– Winner = 1320 x 2*
– Runner Up = 625 x 2*

Note that devices will be given relative to team size. If an individual participates in competition as a team, one Windows Phone device will be given. If the team consists of two members, both members will be given category relative Windows Phone device.

About the Event:

Date: 26th – 28thAugust (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM every day)

  • Note that Lunch will be served all three days of the Hackathon.
  • Small technical/awareness sessions around Microsoft technologies will be held during the event which is open for anyone to join in.
  • Quiz competition would be held where goodies will be awarded.

ITCN Windows Phone Hackathon will be held at Hall II, Mezzanine Floor, Expo Center, Karachi, Pakistan. In case of a change of venue, it will be reflected on this page.