Whom among us will not be familiar with Viber? The app greatly popular across all major platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Windows Phone! Viber can be regarded as one of the best alternative to Microsoft’s Skype app. You are able to make free calls to your friends and family members through Viber app.

The app comes with a great deal of features. Hey, knowing that, you can even add more to it. Well, getting exciting about what we are talking about? You can now even customize your Viber app by adding more features to it. Nothing but a JAILBREAK TWEAK does it for you.

The tweak named Vibrator does the job which one can say that even the developers were not able to. The tweak is compatible with iOS 7 and also supports 64-bit devices.

Customize Viber app through Vibrator:

So, here is how you can customize the Viber app. Let’s start customizing:

  1. Starting now, first of all make sure to have Viber app installed on your JAILBROKEN device. If you don’t have, you can download the app from iTunes.
  2. Now, open the Cydia store.
  3. Search the store for ‘Vibrator’ tweak.
  4. Download and install the tweak for FREE from BigBoss repo.

Now run the Vibrator tweak and here is what you can do from the list:

  • Disable Seen Receipt
  • Unlimited Last Online Toggle (enable the online switch within Viber app without waiting 24h)
  • Disable in-app Sound
  • Disable Location


This is just the beginning. We can hope the list to get longer in future. Till now, that’s all we have. Share your experience of customizing Viber with us in your comments below.

Source: RedmondPie