How To Enable Dark Mode On Viber for Android

Dark Mode On Viber
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Dark Mode for Android and iOS apps seem to be in high demand. Now, after messenger app rolled out their dark mode for iOS and Android, Viber has also joined the ranks. You can now turn on Dark Mode on Viber given you have updated to the latest version.


Remember Viber? It was before the days of messenger and WhatsApp that Viber kick-started IM apps on Android. Viber was a big player back in the day but recently the app has fallen in popularity. However, there are still people around the world that use the app on a daily basis and now they can enable Dark Mode on Viber.

Dark Mode is great for saving battery life, saving your eyes from fatigue and not disturbing others at night when you use your phone. We would certainly like more and more apps to go this route.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Viber for Android

First, make sure that you have version installed on your phone. Older versions don’t have the dark mode option.

Step 1- Go into settings.
Step 2- Now tap on “Appearance”
Step 3- Now tap on “Dark Mode”
There you have it, you have now successfully enabled dark mode on your mobile. Unfortunately, the dark mode is not yet available on iOS devices but it will come out any day now. If you frequently use facebook messenger then you may wanna read how to enable dark mode for messenger.
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Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts regarding Dark Mode on Viber.
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