Gaming Experience: Android or Apple? Let the Gamers Decide

Apple iPhone 6 Gaming Experience

As anyone who has ever owned a Mac will testify, Apple have never quite mastered the art of delivering a top of the range gaming experience to its customers’. This has always seemed like something of an anomaly, even accounting for the distinct advantage that desktop PC’s have held over aesthetically superior Macs. After all, how can such an adept and successful technology brand struggle so painfully when it comes to delivering a viable platform and suitable devices for interactive gaming?

It may struggle no more, however, with the iPhone 6 finally appearing to present a viable Apple option for gamers. The highly anticipated iOS 8 upgrade has also had a significant impact, with the vastly improved graphics engine ‘Metal’ offering high resolution imagery, seamless game play and immersive audio quality. Whether you enjoy NJ gambling online or have a penchant for console-inspired action blockbusters, the iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 deliver a comprehensive gaming experience that can match Android’s and Windows best efforts.Android L

So what of the market leader Android? Well it seems to have rebounded well from the challenge of Apple, with the new 5.0 Lollipop update earning rave reviewers among both gamers and streamers alike. This operating system has also benefitted immeasurably from the design and release of the Nvidia Shield Tablet, which is the first device of its kind to have been created specifically gaming. Equipped with outstanding graphics, a 1280 x 700 IPS display and a number of innovative sharing services such as GameStream and GRID, it is likely to dominate the market in 2015 and offer strong competition for the iPhone 6 Plus.

So for now, it appears as though Android retains an edge of Apple in terms of delivering an immersive gaming experience. The latter have certainly narrowed the gap, however, and will most likely make further inroads in the year ahead.

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