Download The Legend of Zelda: BotW on PC using Cemu 1.11.2 /1.11.3

The Legend of Zelda: BotW on PC using CEMU

How to download and install game files of The Legend of Zelda: BotW 

If you know other ways to obtain game file, feel free to use them.

Now create three new folders in Cemu Emulator folder

  • Helper
  • Helper DL
  • Helper EX

Download WiiU_Usb_Helper from Here

Step 1 – Launch WiiU_USB_Helper, at the bottom of its window, set the default directories of following:

  • Set Wii U Helper Download Directory to Helper DL Folder
  • Set Wii U Helper Extraction Directory to Helper EX Folder

Step 2 – Now search The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Wii U Helper

Step 3 – Select Game (your region specific). Right click the game and select download game (Click no when it asks for DLC and updates)

Step 4 – Right Click on the game again and select Download update and chose V1.76 update.

Step 5 – Right click once again and select download DLC

Step 6 – Now click on start download

Step 7 – When download is complete. Right click game icon and click unpack (loadline) or you can check Unpack option while downloading the files on Wii U Helper

Once you are done with above steps proceed to next page to Install The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Cemu and Play.

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