iOS 11 wallpapers

In the course of the past year, we have encountered numerous rumors and leaks related to the new iPhone that is going to be announced in 3 days. The latest of these is the GM leak about a new set of wallpapers for iPhone and iPad, which include specific wallpapers for Apple’s new iPhone 8.

This new set of wallpapers, unveiled by 9to5Mac, have several categories. These include some iPhone 8-only abstract wallpapers, flower wallpapers, earth and moon wallpapers, a set of wallpapers featuring the iconic six-color Apple logo, and a completely black wallpaper.

Download iOS 11 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad:

There is a total of 20 new wallpapers for the iPhone 8, and 17 for iPad. You can download the new iOS 11 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad below.

Aura Black granite iOS 11

Download Aura Black Granite for iPhone

Aura Gold granite iOS 11

Download Aura Gold Granite for iPhone

Aura Silver Granite

Download Aura Silver Granite for iPhone

Earth iOS11

Download Earth for iPhone and iPad

Earth Night

Download Earth Night for iPhone and iPad

flower aechmea

Download Flower Aechmea for iPhone and iPad

flower aquilegia

Download Flower Aquilegia for iPhone and iPad


Download Flower Fritillaria for iPhone and iPad

Flower GLORIOSA-iOS-11

Download Flower Gloriosa for iPhone and iPad


Download Flower Helleborus for iPhone and iPad


Download Flower Muscari for iPhone and iPad


Download Heritage Stripe Black for iPhone and iPad


Download Heritage Stripe Blue for iPhone and iPad


Download Heritage Stripe Green for iPhone and iPad


Download Heritage Stripe Orange for iPhone and iPad


Download Heritage Stripe Purple for iPhone and iPad


Download Heritage Stripe Red for iPhone and iPad


Download Heritage Stripe Yellow for iPhone and iPad


Download Moon for iPhone and iPad

Download Solid Black for iPhone and iPad

All credit goes to 9to5Mac!