So are you interested in streaming all your music? If yes, then you should consider this service. Who knew? When it comes to music there is too much to consider about.

Apple has joined the race of streaming music by unveiling Apple Music at WWDC 2015. No doubt iTunes and iPods revolutionized the digital music. But apple is trying to align itself with the current era subscription. By providing facilities of music download, streaming radio and streaming music service into one application.
There are two packages $9.99/month and a family plan for $14.99. Limited number of tracks can be listened without paying a penny. You are not offered with the free music like Spotify.  Most of the tracks are behind a pay wall. You can say that the product tend to be different from what is already present in the market.
Beats One is the first station that will be available in 100 countries.  Three DJs are going to host it named Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden and Julie Adenuga.

A dominant feature has been described which you will find entertaining that artists can share the music, photos and messages among the fans. It’s like a blog that can be subscribed as well. Connect was unfolded by Drake. As he warmly admired connect, he wondered that its not easy to make through in the world of music without technological advancement. And he vowed that for sure he is going to release his next album through connect.
Now here the question arises that is it possible for the apple to make its place in this market.  Spotify already has 60 million users with 15 million paid subscribers. Can Apple prove itself to be a true competitor of Spotify.  Apple needs to come up with some strategies to dig deep in this market.  Like giving a free trail can bring many user to it.

Article Written by Waleed Rashid. More info here.