RUMOR: PS5 Price Leaked by Amazon UK – Possible error

It seems that Amazon being Amazon, let up an early PS5 Price Leaked by listing a 1 TB and a 2 TB SKU, both for the same price. Whether or not the price was an error, it seems that the listing might indicate the PS5 could get a price announcement or a console reveal with the highly anticipated June 11th event.

PS5 Price leaked by Amazon UK – You’re gonna need a bigger wallet

It seems that Amazon may have jumped the gun and let out an early SKU of the PS5. They might have also confirmed the existence of a PS5 1 TB and 2 TB variant. This makes sense considering how massive future games could be on the PS5.

First spotted on HotUKDeals, the listing only lasted for a few minutes, but someone was able to capture a screenshot of the listings. It seems that the PS5 Price leaked by Amazon could confirm a hefty price tag on the next-generation consoles.

Someone also pointed out that the a 1TB variant was also posted but this is probably the 825 GB base version of the console.

If the console plans on following a blanket price of $599, £599.99, etc across the board, it could be a bold move. In the current situation, with recessions around the world caused by COVID-19, it will be tough for gamers to spend that much money in the coming holiday season.

As high as the price might be, Sony and Microsoft know that there will be people ready to buy the console, regardless of the price.

It’s worth pointing out that the highly anticipated June 11th event is right around the corner, in less than 30 hours. Whether or not the price and look of the console will be revealed at the event is still the million dollar question.

Sony has yet to show us the look of the console, so that would be a good place to start. We can only hope that the PS5 price leaked by Amazon could come a little lower, especially for the 1 TB variant.

What are your thoughts on the listing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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