AMD Radeon RX 500X Series Spotted on AMD Website

AMD Radeon RX 500X Sereis GPU
Radeon RX 500X Sereis GPU

AMD’s website was just seen with the lineup of its new AMD Radeon RX 500X series. They talked about a refresh in their GPU series in the last year, but after that there was no news about it. It’s safe to assume that this might be it.

The company has previously talked about a new 12nm manufacturing process technology and how they will refresh their GPU series based on this 12nm and Vega architecture. However when AMD revealed their roadmap for the next few years at CES earlier this year, there was no mention of the said technology.

AMD Radeon RX 500X or AMD’s Vega 11 GPU for Desktop

Not long ago we found out that AMD is providing Intel with Vega 11’s dies for their Kaby Lake G processors. So we know that it is in works and will be revealed to us some time soon. We could see a Vega 11 for Desktops.

Amd Radeon RX 500X

There is not a lot more we can say about AMD’s RX 500X series right now. But since NVIDIA’s GeForce 11 series is supposed to come out in July this year, it’s very much plausible that we’ll get more information about new AMD Radeon RX 500X series cards very soon. Meanwhile, here are some of the predicted specifications for AMD cards compared to their last models.

GPUPolaris 10Vega 10Vega 11 (Mobile)Vega 20
Graphics CardRX 480, 470Vega FE, 64, 56TBA (Vega 24,20)TBA
Transistors In Billions5.712TBATBA
Stream Processors2304409615364096 (rumored)
Performance5.8 TFLOPSUp To 13 TFLOPSTBA12+ TFLOPS
TDP150WUp To 290WTBA~150W
Memory Bus256bit2048bit1024bitTBA
PCI Express3.
Bandwidth256 GB/s484 GB/sTBA1 Terabyte/s

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