NVIDIA NDA Leaked, Forcing Journalists to Share Positive Reviews

Nvidia NDA Leaked Online

Nvidia NDA leaked online which shows some brutal rules Nvidia is trying to force. Recently Nvidia sent out their new NDA’s to journalists everywhere which was to be signed “by 22.6.2018 at the latest”. The new NDA does not refer to any particular product, such as upcoming GeForce. It does, however, outline how new products or events should be reported, and as we all know, this is where the problem is.

The new NDA states that the agreement will be valid for the next 5 years and any information can only be given out after a written approval. This obviously is bad news for journalists as they will have to keep their mouths shut!

Nvidia NDA Leaked via Heise.de

It also states that the given information can only be shared solely for Nvidia’s benefit. Now this means that if the information gets out, it should always be positive which obviously takes away the freedom of speech!

As it is fairly clear that no media company will sign such an agreement under any case. But Nvidia has stated that “many journalists” have signed it already. The benefit of which will obviously be early items and copies which will benefit both parties.

Heise.de has decided NOT to sign the document knowing how it will affect them since they won’t be getting any future products before hand.


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