NVIDIA Invites Press And Journalists to Gamescom in late August


Videocardz is saying that Nvidia is writing out invites to press and journalists to cover up their gaming event Gamescom. Alot is expected from this event as the Nvidia’s presentation for Sissoft Sandra database was cancelled. Could this be platform for the launch of Nvidia’s new GPU lineup? Nothing could be said right now but all eyes are set for the biggest video gaming event in Europe.

NVIDIA Invites Press to Gamescom:

As Videocardz is claiming to have seen the invites, we can’t say much about it. But it seems that Nvidia is flying journalists from across the globe to Europe, so they might have some good solid back up behind the news. And no one flies journalists for free if it not important.

This year’s Gamescom is expected to be held on 21st August. However we cannot be sure of the exacts date right now as the event continues for a couple of days. This event is all about the new upcoming gaming titles and specs. Nvidia is allegedly inviting journalists for a press conference too. The exact date is not confirmed. It might be before Gamescom or even after the event. Can’t say much right now. But everyone is hoping to get something on the upcoming Turing Graphics card by Nvidia and this event could possibly assist the launch.

 AMD Invites Press Too:

Videocardz also claimed to have learned about another gaming event by AMD this year. AMD is also inviting press to cover up for their event. Not much detail were provided but Videocardz claim the event to be held one month before the Nvidia’s gaming show. AMD is also going to launch their 7nm Vega 20 chips in the near future. Now we’ll just have to wait what these two companies will come up at their gaming events. For more news and updates, keep visiting our website.

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