Nvidia GTX 2080 / 1180 Turing Manufacture Design Expected in Sep, 2018

Nvidia GTX 2080 : 1180 Turing Graphics Card Manufacture Design

At the Computex where Nvidia showed good publicity on their products but they remained silent on the manufacturing details of the Nvidia GTX 2080 / 1180. Rumors are that Nvidia is planning to start mass manufacturing form July 2018. However it aslo said Nvidia has already started training the relevant employees from the development departments for the manufacturing of the most anticipated GPU of this year since the last high end GPU released by Nvidia was two years back The GTX 1080 Ti.

Nvidia GTX 2080 / 1180 Manufacturing Board Meeting Discussion

As we have already told that Nvidia has started training its relevant employees for the manufacturing. So, if we follow three month manufacturing rule, the GPU will be available from August or start of September. But rumors are that some board partners are expecting to have 2 to 3 weeks shift. September release date is more evident. However AMD will face a lot problems and only solution would be a fair price tag. Nvidia will not prompt the price tag.

Nvidia GTX 2080 / 1180 Turing GPUs

Keeping in mind the hardware date, AMD will have to come up with some nice competition. The Turing generation GPUs are considered to be more forward then they were considered previously. That might come up in a 12nm Chip with larger chip areas or more clock speed. Whatever it may be this would be a great leap forward in the world GPU manufacturing. As the previous Pascal GPU were released two years back, all eyes are set on the upcoming Nvidia Geforce GTX 2080, the turing chips.

Turing Chips: Putting AMD Under Pressure

Nvidia is using a 12 nm chip. However they could be using 10nm chips, thus doubling the performance on a small chip area. All the rumors wandering around, the thing that is confirmed is the name , ‘Turing generation’ and the use of GDDR6 memory. The rest is all uncertain and vague. Nvidia has kept silent for long, maybe now is the time to give us something to cheer for.

However the case predicted by Tom Hardware, Nvidia will leave AMD GPU under high pressure in case of all most all the specifications.  Although Nvidia is increasing the performance by  +40%, AMD will have to rank their GPUs one tier lower in price. This will cause AMD to get profit without creating any additional revenue. Like if lower range card of turing generation produces the performance equal to GTX 1070 then AMD will have to lower the prices of their Vega GPUs automatically to remain in the competitition. Now only solution would be that Nvidia raise the price of the upcoming GPUs.

Nvidia GTX 2080 : Release Assumptions

Now the suppliers are also looking forward to Nvidia to give them something. Asus and Gigabyte have same PCB maker and Gigabyte and MSI have same cooler ODM. So things need to be certain to avoid collisions. As PNY is the responsible producer of the reference card, would already be having all the necessary information.

Nvidia will have all the GPUs of the turing generation up and running in the market. However all the GPUs will not be available by this fall. All the below dates are based on the assumptions of the availability of 12nm chips.


ChipMarket SegmentDeadline SituationGraphics CardsPerformance Goal (assumed)
GT104High EndJuly / August 2018GeForce GTX 1170/2070 & 1180/20801180/2080 ~ GeForce GTX 1080 Ti + 5%
GT106Midrange Autumn / Winter 2018GeForce GTX 1160/20601160/2060 ~ GeForce GTX 1070
GT102EnthusiastJanuary to Spring 2019GeForce GTX 1180/2080 Ti1180/2080 Ti ~ GeForce GTX 1080 Ti + 40%
GT107MainstreamSpring to Summer 2019GeForce GTX 1150/2050 & 1150/2050 Ti1150/2050 Ti ~ GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
GT108LowCostSpring to Summer 2019GeForce GT 1130/20301130/2030 ~ GeForce GTX 1050 -20%


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