Nvidia GTX 2080 Specs Expectations, Price, Features and Release

Nvidia GTX 2080 Specs

Today we are going to solve the biggest mystery of this year’s gaming market. Yes, you got that right, today we will be discussing all the rumors about the gaming giant, Nvidia’s new upcoming GPU, Nvidia GTX 2080 Specs (or some sources say 1180, although no official name is released yet). This 20 series card will replace the GTX 10 series that ruled the GPU’s kingdom for about 2 years.

With the original GTX 1070 and 1080 cards been released two years ago, we haven’t seen much technological advancements form Nvidia apart from Pascal Titans of course and GTX 1080 Ti. In the same time, we have been through number of Intel and AMD CPU generations. Unfortunately, Nvidia has also kept long silence about the “Turing” chips.

When will Nvidia GTX 2080 come out then?

The release date for the GTX 2080 has been in constant state of flux. Earlier speculations were that the GPU will come out in mid-April but we are heading into June and still no signs of the most anticipated GPU yet. We heard from Tom’s Hardware about a mid-June release but do not get too excited yet. DigiTimes laid water on our hopes as they briefed about the release being postponed due to revised production schedules till autumn.
Nvidia has not confirmed anything yet. So, Autumn release seems most likely. Digitimes also talked about the Geforce GTX 2080 won’t be entering mass production until sometime between July-September. So, we advise you to be patient because “Good things come to those who wait”

Nvidia GTX 2080 Specs

As we already mentioned Nvidia is really secretive about the GTX 20 series. But in this day and age you really cannot hide anything for that long. The Nvidia GTX 2080 allegedly have 3584 CUDA cores, memory piping data through 256 bits bus and between 8-16 GB of GDDR6 memory, clocked at 16 Gbps, having 224 texture maping units and 64 ROPs. This giant would be clocked between 1.6 GHz and overclocked upto 1.8 GHz. GTX 1180 is expected to be powered somewhere between 170 -200 W which is slightly less than GTX 1080 i.e 250 W. GTX 1180 has more resemblence to GTX 1080 Ti than GT 1080. Nvidia GameWorks will add raytracing which will increase realism with high quality refelections and achieve physically accurate lighting provinding the users more real experience. This makes GTX 1180 more worth waiting for.

Nvidia GTX 2080 Price:

Graphics cards are usually the most expensive part of your computer system and Nvidia is really the king among all the GPU manufacturing companies (in my opinion). Although there has been recent price drops and the new GDDR6 memory technology that will cost 20 percent more that the previous GDDR5. So, there will be no surprise at all if the launching price of this top-end most awaited GTX 1180 comes to be around 699 -799 $ or even more. However we’ll find out the exact prices in the near future. So stay tuned for more news and rumours about the upcoming, all new, Nvidia GTX 2080 Specs, price and everything.

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