MusiMusi is a free music app that allows you to stream the music content from the video sites like youtube.  The app allows you to stream video even when the device is locked or you are using some other app.

The app also allows you to play the music either through internal or external speakers. Moreover, you can also play the music through built-in AirPlay integration. The app also allows you to share the music on Facebook. The app also brings the features like creating playlists, reordering music, editing music and deleting music.musi-iphone

Christian Lunny brings up the latest versionThe new version 2 brings some great features. First of all, a new slick interface to make the operations simple and easy. The app has gone some more social enabling you to like the song you are listening to. Moreover, the new version allows you to hide and reveal itself automatically.


Official Features List:

* Listen to any content from YouTube using Edge, 3G, or WiFi
* Shuffle and repeat through your songs
* Play through external speakers or headphones
* Play music through built in AirPlay integration
* Organize your music with infinite, easy-to-use playlists
* Reorder, edit, view, and delete music with simple taps and swipes
* Share what you’re streaming with your friends
* Connect with Facebook and share what you’re streaming on your Open Graph

The app has taken a lot of design cues from iOS 7. So if your device is not capable of installing iOS 7 and yet you wanna enjoy the design of iOS 7, just download the app and install it. The app will sure give your device the taste and appearance of iOS 7.musi1

The device is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad including the optimized performance for iPhone 5. However you require iOS 5.0 or later in order to run the app. So in presence of such new and elegant features, the app is worth checking. Most important is that the app is absolutely FREE so download the app from itunes.