As told earlier, Apple is planning to bring multitasking on iPad. The strategy is in discussion and we hope to get the multitasking on iPad at WWDC. Or, may be not. The multitasking feature is of the ones that are demanded frequently from Apple by iPad fans. Let’s see whether Apple bring the feature at WWDC or still disappoint us.

What if the feature is not available officially? Here, we have got a jailbreak tweak thawt will enable multitasking on iPad. Surprised? Yeahh! We are talking right. The jailbreak tweak is from Evan Swick and is named as ‘OS X Experience for iPad’. All you need is an iPad having jailbroken iOS. We recommend iOS 7 or later. Search BigBoss repo at Cydia store for OS Experience for iPad jailbreak. After installing, you will have a pretty stylish, revamped multitasking switcher. You can do your work in one windows while keeping social sites opened in other window. The feature looks perfectly native.



So, for such an excellent feature you need to pay $9.99 while downloading the tweak. And then, you will be enjoying multitasking on iPad. For such a functional tweak, this price should not be a concern. We suggest you to go and give this tweak a try. Have a look on the video of this tweak in action,

A handy tweak indeed! Share your experience of using the tweak with us in comment section below.