MSI B450 Video Hints at 8-Core and Up CPU Support, Could be 10 or 12 Core (Intel or AMD)

MSI B450 Motherboard
MSI B450 Motherboard

We have been covering the AMD B450 chipset motherboards as information and leaks pour out. Just today, MSI has released a teaser video which hints at a possible 8 core or even up to 12 core support for processors in its upcoming line of motherboards. The good news is that MSI could be coming up with such motherboards for either CPU manufacturers, that is, Intel and AMD. The MSI B450 chipset motherboards are nearing official release and reviews will have to wait.

In the short 1 min 40 sec video, MSI teased their B450 motherboards although in a vague way. We cant decipher that much from it but the picture below certainly caught our attention.

Still from MSI B450 teaser

This much is clear that the motherboard will support 8 core CPU, the “up” bit is open to speculation.

It is exciting nonetheless that MSI is coming up with such support for higher core processors.

This is all we have, for now, we will keep you posted as new info surfaces.

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