Microsoft brings new redesigned Office for Windows Tablets

Whoa! This is big and this is beautiful. This is Office for Windows tab presented by Microsoft. The release is made right after a week of the release of Office for iPad. That was expected of what Microsoft would do.


The fresh version of the Microsoft Office, which Microsoft pleas as “a preview of a work in progress”, looks quite familiar to the design of the Office for iPad. Noted similarities:

  • Apps have a vibrant bar on top
  • User available space for them to do work

Apart from the resemblances, the new Office for Windows provides a lot of user comforts. For instance, the toolbars are meagerly populated and it also provides a lot of space for your fingers to get used to it. And there are a lot of gesture support as well. You can just highlight a word by encircling a word with your finger, swipe, pinch that pretty much relates to the productivity suite.

Said that, Microsoft held a lot of features back in the Office for iPad, but this is a full go in the Office for Windows.


Now here’s the big news, the new Office for Windows also ties another big-y: universal Windows apps. This means that the Office will be available and released for the Windows family worldwide. The new redesigned Office will not be coming just for Windows laptops and tablets but also for Windows Phone.

This will be a good addition to the Microsoft. A very good news for the Windows tablets and Phone users. Please share your comments below.

Source: TheVerge