Last of Us 2 Trophy List Leaked reveals an easy platinum

The Last of Us 2 Trophy List Leaked and it reveals a game with a surprisingly easy platinum. Sony already confirmed there wouldn’t be any difficulty related trophies due to improving the accessibility of the game, so the biggest obstacle between you and the platinum will be the abundance of collectibles.

Last of Us 2 Trophy List Leaked – A platinum you should get

The Last of Us 2 is easily one of this years most highly anticipated exclusives. After having a very rough ride from launch to where it stands right now, it seems that the game is only a week away from release. The trophy list for the game just leaked on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, originally in Portuguese, but translated to English.

There are no story spoilers in the trophy list so you don’t have to worry about that. The game also doesn’t have a difficulty related trophy as it helped make the game more accessible to the audiences.

The Last of Us 2 Trophy List Leaked:

  1. Until There’s None Left – Platinum
  2. What I Had to Do – conclude the story
  3. Survival Specialist – Learn All Skills
  4. Master of Weapons – Improve all weapons to the maximum
  5. Archivist – Find all the artifacts and journal entries
  6. Complete Set – Find all the cards
  7. Numismatist – Find all coins
  8. Ready For The Worst – Find All The Benches
  9. Mechanicist – Improve a weapon completely
  10. Expert – Learn a complete line of improvements
  11. Burglary – Open all safes
  12. Tourist – Visit all downtown Seattle locations
  13. Professional – Find all training manuals
  14. Survival Training – Learn 25 skills
  15. Thick Lead – Find all the weapons
  16. On the Field – Find 12 benches
  17. Tools of the Trade – Manufacture all the items
  18. Only at Gambiarra – Improve a Weapon
  19. Apprentice – Learn an improvement
  20. Basic Kit – Find 5 Collectible Cards
  21. In Great State – Find 5 coins
  22. Hidden Trophy –
  23. Hidden Trophy –
  24. Na Mosca – Get the best score in the bow and arrow game
  25. Relic of the Wise – Find the Weird Artifact
  26. So Great and So Small – Find the Recorded Ring

The biggest challenge in the game will be the collectibles. If you’re looking to enjoy the game and maximizing your trophy potential, you can easily play the game on easy and wait for a day one trophy guide to find the collectibles.

The game is said to be 25-35 hours which is almost the same time as the original, if not longer. All in all, Last of Us Part 2 looks like a promising game and earning stunningly positive reviews so far has proven the game is here to stay for the record books.

What are your thoughts on the trophy list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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