iOS 12 Features And Release Date: AR, Siri Shortcuts, Performance

iOS 12

Apple’s most awaited event WWDC has started and we are here to provide you all the news and update of the the most anticipated Apple’s event of the year. This article is all about the new iOS 12. Apple has officially unveiled iOS 12 at the WWDC conference. This software will write the fate of the new upcoming iPhones and all the previous versions of the and iPad when it will be available for those devices later this year.

iOS 12 Supported Devices:

Apple’s senior VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi said that iOS 12 will come to all the devices of apple as iOS 11 came up. The difference will be that you will be able to load the apps 40 percent more faster and you”’ be able to click the photos 70 percent with more speed as compared to older version of the operating software. Isn’t it amazing?

iOS 12 And Augmented Reality (AR):

Apple has just confirmed that they are doubling on the AR with a new file format they called USDZ. It is a custom file that worked on the file types as Pixar, Adobe, Autodesk etc. It uses the iPhone next level skill to measure anything. All you have to do is tap and drag along the edges of the object on the screen. It is able to automatically detect the parameters of a photo etc. USDZ works with the internet as well that will result in searching of stuff in real time and with more accuracy.

iOS 12 AR Measurments


The introduction of the ARKit2 has improved realistic rendering, face detection, 3D object detection. Multiple users can get on the AR maximizing the fun using different devices. iOS 12 with ARKit, this means we should expect more amazing virtual reality games to be built on the ARkit 2.
Impact Of iOS On Photos:
Apple has promised that using the new iOS we will be able to click and process photos 70 percent faster as compared to iOS 11. It has also added a brand new search bar. You can type any keyword and it will start showing photos related to it present in the library.
Apple has also added a For You tab in the Photos app. It will show you the memorable photos and its sort of like Assistant from Google photos. So yes it is a good addition as well

Siri Shortcuts:

This time the unspoken words of Siri’s are heard by Apple. Yes, this year Siri has got tremendous improvements by the launch of iOS 12. Interacting with Siri will be a lot more fun this time. If you want to know where are you shoes that are resting in your closet just ask “where are my shoes?” Plus if you want to know your progress and your friends progress and score in a game just say “Game time”. Siri will be at your service.

Siri will give you suggestions based on your current situations for example if you are going to be late for someone’s birthday party Siri will suggest to send all the people at they party a message that you are going to be late. Obviously this feature is not restricted to only this situation.

If you do the same thing every day, Siri will identify the repeat behavior on your upcoming schedule and offer actions to help you out. So, saying “order my coffee” can place your usual order. Or you may see a button on your lock screen that offers to do this for you. All this because of the iOS 12.

iOS Release Date and Price:

Well the release date of iOS 12 is June 4, 2018 by taking the full advantage of the WWDC 2018. But it has more than one release date.

The first developer beta was launched within first week last year that was almost the closing ceremony of the WWDC 2017. So we might get developer beta version by 6th June, hopefully.

On the average the public beta version of iOS launches after developer beta 3, so we should expect this version by the end of June, Probably 27th of June. This will be absolutely free.However this version will not be complete, maybe containing some bugs or something. The Final Version of the the iOS will be available in September along with the launch of the Apple products like new iPhone etc. This version will also be free for all the customers around the globe. So we’ll suggest you to wait till September to enjoy the full experience of the new iOS.
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