Intel Core 9000 Series Processors Specifications Announced

Intel Core 9000 Series Processors Specifications
Intel processors

Yesterday we published an article on Intel’s 9000 series i5 and i3 processors utilizing the Coffee lake architecture same as last year. Today, Intel Core 9000 Series Processors Specifications have leaked online and the improvements are quite subtle in comparison to last gen Intel processors.

The newer 9th gen processors will feature 6 cores and 4 cores for i5 and i3 processors respectively. As confirmed earlier the processors will indeed feature the same architecture as the previous gen that is Coffee lake. Intel Core 9000 Series Processors Specifications have revealed minute improvements in the speeds of the processors compared to last year’s 8000 series processors. This is surely disappointing for all those Intel fans who were waiting on the 9th gen processors to upgrade their systems. As it turns out there is a mere 100 to 200 Mhz difference in speeds in relation to last year processors.

Intel Core 9000 Series Processors Specs

The 9th gen Intel processors mentioned in the spec sheet are:

  • Core i5-9600(K)
  • Core i5-9500(T)
  • Core i3-9100
  • Core i3-9000

Following is the complete list of specifications along with previous gen processors.

IntelCores / ThreadsBase ClockTurbo ClockTDP
Core i7-8086K6C / 12T4.0 GHz5.0 GHz95W
Core i7-8700K6C / 12T3.7 GHz4.7 GHz95W
Core i7-87006C / 12T3.2 GHz4.6 GHz65W
Core i5-9600K6C / 6T3.7 GHz4.5 GHz95W
Core i5-8600K6C / 6T3.6 GHz4.3 GHz95W
Core i5-96006C / 6T3.1 GHz4.5 GHz65W
Core i5-86006C / 6T3.1 GHz4.3 GHz65W
Core i5-95006C / 6T3.0 GHz4.3 GHz65W
Core i5-85006C / 6T3.0 GHz4.1 GHz65W
Core i5-94006C / 6T2.9 GHz4.1 GHz65W
Core i5-84006C / 6T2.8 GHz4.0 GHz65W
Core i3-8350K4C / 4T4.0 GHz95W
Core i3-83004C / 4T3.7 GHz62W
Core i3-91004C / 4T3.7 GHz65W
Core i3-81004C / 4T3.6 GHz65W
Core i3-90004C / 4T3.7 GHz65W
Core i3-80004C / 4T3.6 GHz65W

As can be seen, the 9000 series processors have only meager improvements speed wise compared to 8000 series.

We will keep updating you as more details emerge regarding Intel’s 9th gen processors.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Intel Core 9000 Series Processors Specifications.

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