How to Save Jericho People in Detroit Become Human [PS4 Guide] (This includes Simon, North, and Josh)

Save Jericho People in Detroit Become Human

Authors Note: Keep in mind, this guide contains spoilers. Albeit nothing game breaking, I have tried my best to avoid where necessary. This guide will tell you How to Save Jericho People in Detroit Become Human along with her companion, Alice.

Additionally, this will ONLY work if you have done a good playthrough (Markus does non-violent protests when freeing the Cyberlife Androids, Marks does peaceful demonstrations and gatherings and no Casualty in Channel 16, Basically, anything that involves killing an NPC voluntarily outside of a QTE i.e. The Police, will result in risking the chances of the others surviving)

If you wish to find guides for the other people, you will find them attached below:

How to Save Jericho People in Detroit Become Human

By far the most complicated character to save is Simon, as you will get prompts to save Josh and North when needed. You might think that saving them could put Markus in danger but it won’t.

How to save Simon in Detroit Become Human:

The Stratford Tower Chapter

In the chapter, The Stratford Tower, When approaching the security checkpoint have Markus use RUSE, and follow the QTE, when you infiltrate the broadcast station, an operator will run away. Make sure Markus SPARES him. SHOOTING him might be a problem later since you want to avoid any innocent casualties.

IF YOU SPARE the broadcast operator:

Go through the sequence like you would, and Simon will get injured by the SWAT. Choose to HELP Simon in the broadcast room and carry him to the rooftop. When given the choice LEAVE Simon.

Simon will later on rejoin you at Jericho.

Public Enemy Chapter

In the proceeding chapter, Public Enemy, DO NOT GO TO THE ROOF AS CONNOR. Let your chapter end with the android operator on the far left (the one closest to the counter) killing himself. by having Connor attack him.

If you go to the roof as Connor, Simon will be arrested.

IF YOU SHOOT the operator:

There is nothing to do here if you did RUSE on the security guards. Simon gets to join up with you and the gang in the skydive off the building.

How to Save North & Josh:

Crossroads Chapter

In the chapter, Crossroads, don’t take the detonator for the dirty bomb from North as Markus. This will make Markus go down to the ship hold and activate the bomb.

ON YOUR WAY to the hold, you will have the option of saving several androids from the SWAT, Josh will be one of them by choosing INTERVENE. Basically, just save any and all androids you come across, no matter how risky it looks. Make sure you don’t mess this QTE up as it can lead to Markus dying.

When you have finished arming the explosive in the hold and are escaping Jericho, North will trip and have a whole lot of SWAT on her. Choose to SAVE / HELP NORTH. Connor will join in on the fight and help you kick ass if you turned him into a deviant.

Aside from these encounters, if have ANY OTHER QTE which involves Markus saving Josh, Simon or North, DO IT! No matter how dangerous or risky it looks.

We hope that this guide helps you Save Jericho People in Detroit Become Human, and if you have any feedback, questions, or otherwise need assistance, I will be glad to help if you leave your questions in the comments section!

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