How to Fix The Forgotten City Bow bug on PC

Players seem to think this bug is game breaking

The Forgotten City is an all-new adventure RPG game developed by Modern Storyteller. It was first introduced as a mod but it quickly became popular among millions of players which gained it enough recognition and popularity to grant it the Writers’ Guild award. Just recently, it became a full stand-alone game. However, people are facing The Forgotten City Bow bug.

Whenever players would end a conversation with someone, their bow would automatically disappear. This caused some players unable to advance in the game as after meeting Naevia, she wants them to shoot the statue but they suddenly can’t.

Guide to fixing The Forgotten City Bow bug

The issue is to do with how the developers have coded the game. The bow is supposed to be hidden after you meet someone in the game. But this issue is not really an issue or bug at all, it is just a feature. But players couldn’t figure out how to bring it back. Even reloading the game at that point did not bring it back.

There is a very simple way to bring it back though: Just scroll on your mouse wheel to raise the bow again. If you are playing on a controller, then you can use your D-pad left and right buttons to raise it up again.

That’s it

While this really isn’t technically a bug but just a lack of on-screen controls, it can actually be game-breaking because you can’t progress into the game in some areas without using your bow. But thankfully it was just a simple matter of pressing the right buttons.

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