How to Enable and Try Notch on Galaxy S9 / Note 9 running Android Pie Beta

Notch on Galaxy S9
Simulated Notch on Galaxy S9

At this point, there is no getting around it, yes the Notch is here to stay and even Samsung is going to be implementing the notch in their upcoming smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S10 that is coming out next year is rumored to have some sort of a notch and while we are not absolutely certain what type it is going to be, one thing is clear, there will be a notch on the S10. The good news is, you can try out the Notch on Galaxy S9 if you own one. However, you will need to have the Android Pie beta installed on your phone to try the notch.

Samsung released the Android Pie beta program just a few days ago on its Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones. We recently did an article where we showed you how you can enable night mode on your S9 running Android Pie beta.

Today, I will show you how to get the notch on your S9 smartphone given you have the Android Pie beta installed on your phone. Samsung in the recent developer’s conference announced their new infinity displays and we are certain the next line of Galaxy phones will have some sort of a notch. So now is a good time as any to get a feel of what’s to come.

How to Enable and Try Notch on Galaxy S9 / Note 9 running Android Pie Beta

Google has been quick on its feet to provide developers with the proper tools to design their apps around all sorts of notch designs that are prevalent in Android smartphones today. Google added the option to simulate “display cutouts” to Android Pie. Moreover, this option is also available on the Galaxy S9 Android Pie beta.

Essentially, There are three versions of the notch you can try out. A single cutout in the top center of the display, a double cutout that adds notches at the top and bottom, and a corner cutout.

This is how you enable notch on a Galaxy S9 running Android Pie beta.

Step 1- Go to settings of your phone, then “About Device” and then tap on the “Build number” several times until it shows a message saying developer options have been enabled.

Step 2- Now go back to the settings menu, scroll to the very end and you will see Developer Options.

Step 3- Tap on developer options and scroll down until you find Simulate display with cutout option.

Step 4- Tap on Stimulate Display and it will display the following options.

Notch on Galaxy S9
Simulate Display with Cutout

and that’s it, the options are pretty self-explanatory, choose the notch type you want to try out and the notch will appear. To disable the notch simply choose none.

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