A large number of jailbreak tweaks are there at Cydia store that offers quick reply solutions. However, if you are in search of the one that is simple and has multiple app support then Hermes jailbreak tweak should be your best choice. Here, we will give discussion some positive and negative aspects of this simple but excellent tweak.

The tweak has got simple and common interface. Common in a sense that a same box is shown for all three supported messaging platforms i.e. iMessage, WhatsApp and Kik messenger. The quick reply box will contain app name, sender name and some portion of the message. A text box will also be there for you to type in the reply. If you decide to reply it later, you can simply choose Cancel option from the box.


Once you have installed the tweak, head to Preferences. Here, you will find three toggles for the three individual apps. You can select which one is to be used with Hermes. After making the selection, don’t forget to tap Respring option to apply the settings. Also, make sure that Hermes quick reply solution needs your desired apps to remain open in background.


Despite of such worthy feature, the tweak has got some serious disadvantage. You can’t type quick reply from Lock screen, not even from Notification center. In such cases, you are switched to default messaging app. However, the tweaks will hopefully be upgraded soon with improvements.

Hermes jailbreak tweak is available at BigBoss repo of Cydia store for only $0.99. Give it a try! Don’t miss to have you words regarding it with us. Or, have some other better solution? Do let us know.