Download Trello Desktop App for Windows 10 and MacOS [Direct Link]

Trello Desktop App

Hey, Trello users around the globe, we have some good news for you. The official Trello Desktop App is out for both Microsoft Windows and MacOS users. Trust me, this is the news almost every trello user is waiting for. Our team here at TheNerdMag also utilizes trello to manage tasks. Trello Desktop App was not available for Windows 10 and Mac despite mobile apps were there.

What is Trello?

For those of you who do not yet know what Trello is all about. I’ll just give you a brief introduction of it. Trello is a like an electronic Notepad or a reminder which helps you to manage your projects and it helps you to organize almost anything. Trusted by billions of people around this planet.

Most of us who are here, reading this article, I can bet that they would have many tabs opened on their browsers. One of them would be of Trello. Yes, Same used to be the case with me, I kind of started to get annoyed. I used to forget where my Trello tab was and whenever I used to open it, I had to first refresh the page and then continue. Sometimes I even accidentally used to close all the tabs. TBH it was very frustrating. I don’t have to worry about these things now as I have a Trello Desktop App for my PC.

Shortcuts & Desktop Notifications

Trello desktop app is now offering more keyboard based shortcuts and is also allowing us to set some custom ones too. All you have to do it click on the gear icon which is on the top right corner of the Application to create a Custom shortcut and a Quick Add shortcut to create a Card from almost anywhere you are. You don’t need to scroll down at the end of every tab to create a card now. Below is a list of shortcuts for Desktop Trello for both MacOS and Microsoft Windows users.

Below is a list of shortcuts which are very frequently used in Trello. These are exclusively for both MAC and Microsoft Windows users only.

Trello Desktop App Shortcuts

Notifications are kinda annoying but now they are a native feature, you don’t want to miss an alert in Trello now do you? These notifications get filtered through your OS, according to your browser history. It has a “Do Not Disturb Mode”, it won’t bug you by continuously alerting with new updates.

NOTE: For all users who have a touchscreen laptop, you can even line up your starred boards, create cards and do almost everything with just fingertips. Literally.

So? are you guys ready to reach out to the new height of productivity or do you like to be lazy and wander in the sea of tabs opened in your browsers? Download links are given below. Start downloading the application and experience the new concept of organizing ur tasks.

Download Trello Desktop App for your PC:

You can download this new app for you computer from the below links.