The jailbroken iOS 7 continues to bring a lot of things along with it. After the famous jailbreak tweaks started reaching iPhone 5S now its time for some major tweaks related to the features of iPhone 5S. How someone can forget of TOUCH ID that came along with iPhone 5S and really get popular a lot. Unfortunately, iOS 7 miss lot of apps and tweaks for the Touch ID which are expected to come in upcoming iOS version. But it seems that the developers are finishing the gaps too early through their tweaks. Previously we told you about a security tweak that makes use of TOUCH ID.

Here we bring you another Jailbreak app that enhances your Touch ID capabilities. We are talking about BioLaunch app for iPhone 5S. The app allows a user to individually launch a different app without touching the icon of that certain app. BioLaunch app actually saves your favorite app to your specific fingerprint and is very efficient whenever you login to your mobile it automatically opens all your favorite apps.



The app will cost a dollar for you. The Jailbreak app is quite similar to an app named Touchy from another developer. Besides what thing make it a little different is an additional feature that allows the automatic selection of your most used app. With just a flick on Settings of BioLaunch, the tweaks can have track on your apps that are most used by you when you use your iPhone 5S.


Moreover another additional feature that which is a good one, indeed, is a time saving feature that ask you to launch all your favorite when you put your finger on the screen in order to start. This feature claims to be very important in a good way of stopping accidentally opening apps. Well, that’s what we have about this new popped up app.