Axis for iPhone enables you to launch apps from the Lock Screen

Axis Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

A large number of tweaks are nowadays available in the Cydia market that allows you to launch apps directly from your lock screen on your iOS device. The number of such tweaks are increasing on daily basis in the Cydia store. However, it is observed that most of them reduce the performance of your device due to compatibility issues.Axis Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

AXIS is released by A3Tweaks. You may be familiar with the name of the developers. The developers are the same whom released Auxo tweak that modified the working of multitasking tray in the iOS. The tweak provides us a better, efficient and easier way of launching apps from the lock screen. So what this tweak does? The tweak adds multiple icons on your lock screen from which you can launch your desired app without unlocking. You can also add or remove an app icon out of the number of supported apps from the lock screen. The tweak also comes with a number of beautiful icons for your each app hence making the appearance of device pretty.Axis Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

The tweak also covers the security section. It offers a pin code entry system that protects your apps from stealing. The feature also prevents the unauthorized access to the device. Moreover, the tweak is stable and has not yet shown any compatibility issue.Axis Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

The tweak has hit the Cydia market at an introductory price of 0.99$. For such a low price and high features, the tweak is definitely worth trying.