Xiaomi Mi 6 is set to launch in April this year. It was initially planned to launch with Snapdragon 835 but it seems like Snapdragon 835 will not be available until April. So the Xiaomi is planning to launch the device with Snapdragon 821 instead. The company will then update the model with new chipset.

Moreover, the company has not yet released the flagship variant of its own chipset, the Surge. Surge S1 was released a few weeks back and it is a mid-range chipset. It is also possible that Xiaomi releases the Xiaomi Mi 6 with its own flagship chipset instead.

xiaomi Mi 6

We have to wait until mid-April to see what the company does. Other companies like LG and Sony also released their flagship devices with the Snapdragon 821 due to unavailability of Snapdragon 835. We are certain that the chipset will get available with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 in coming months.

We are very excited to see that which devices become available with the launch of Snapdragon 835. Other companies might also release new devices or update the old devices with the new chipset.